Diggin’ in the Crates {Volume IV}

The assignment was to shot something of an unusual angle.

The morning that my assignment was due, I dropped my son off with my mom and drove around looking for something that I could capture in an unusual angle. Finally, I decided on a vending machine. Yep, that’s right, what you see below is the front of a Coca Cola vending machine shown in an unusual angle. Needless to say, my teacher loved the artistic view-point that I captured and I received an A for the assignment.

  Coca Cola+Vending Machine+Unusual Angle

The next picture is a {Nine.Sixteen}Studios original. I wasn’t too familiar with Adobe Photoshop CS4 when I first got it, so while I was trying out some of the different features, I created this masterpiece! LoL!

Coca Cola+Neon Colors

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